Justin Great is an American based fashion house with a multidisciplinary approach that offers a world of luxury and comfort through means of carefully crafted ready-to-wear fashion and accessories. Founder and Creative Director Justin Great’s interest in fashion, design, art, photography, film, architecture and contemporary culture led to the brands inception.

Plumage by Justin Great is a secondary line offered by Justin Great focusing on a more playful design aesthetic.

“The Plumage concept was realized upon the understanding that in many respects people are like birds (particularly peacocks). A birds feathers cover/style them and many times in nature a bird (particularly peacocks) utilizes the beauty of their feathers to attract attention. In that light we can assume that when an individual chooses their attire they do so based upon what they think will be the most attractive for what ever occasion or circumstance they will be in. Overall one can conclude that the human attire is much like a birds plumage.”